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  Hello, my name is Terry and I would like to welcome you to Parrot-Training-Reviews.com If you currently own a parrot or are considering purchasing one then I highly recommend that you have all the necessary materials needed for training your bird.
I currently own 2 parrots, an African Grey named Ozzy and and African Red Belly named Teko. As much as I love my birds they were quite honestly stressing me out big time due to a lot of annoying behaviours that I just couldn't seem to control no matter what I did. I tried just about everything that I found online however I discovered that most of what I was trying was either outdated or didn't work.


I had gotten bitten so many times and have the scars to prove it by the way lol, that I was literally afraid to go anywhere near my birds most of the time. Feeding times became a nightmare and I found myself having to wear protective gloves just trying to get their food dishes from their cages. Having them come out of their cages was never an option..not because I didn't want them out but because I couldn't get them out and if for some chance they did come out I probably couldn't get them back in.

As you can see from some of my pictures, Ozzy and Teko are now doing great! They love coming out of their cages and exploring and also love being picked up and playing new games. I know for a fact that I would still be stuck in the same old routine and scared to death of my birds had it not been for the products on this site. I highly advise you to try one or all of them out because you will be amazed at what can be done in just a short time!


It became my mission to find the right materials out there and to be able to safely and easily apply them to my birds so that we both could be happy and live together peacefully. It wasn't easy because as I said...a lot of the information I was reading was either old, out dated or just plain never worked.

I then came across a couple of products that claimed great results and decided to try them. I thought..well I tried just about everything else so if these products were as successful as the claims made then I really don't have nothing to lose. As it turns out I was truly amazed at what I had found! Finally...real products that actually did as they claimed and so very very easy to apply them to your bird. That is why this site was created, to inform other bird, parrot lovers that Yes You Can have a loving, non biting, non screaming non feather plucking misbehaving Parrot to love and to love you back.
I have been there where you are, looking for answers and now I want to pass it on to you. Don't wait too long to make a decision though because your choices are limited, mostly because there just isn't much current valuable material to be found out there.

Feel free to Bookmark This Site if you want to come back at a later time. We wish you all the best as you start on your journey in teaching your parrot new behaviours, new commands, new tricks and also breaking old misbehaviours. Have fun!


Product Website Rating Results Received Price
Parrot Training Course www.birdtricks.com 5 Stars results  On Sale Now

Complete Parrot Training System Review

If you are looking for the best and most complete parrot training system that is available then this is it! All I can say is WOW! It is current, it is up to date and most of all it is very affordable!

Click the play button to listen to Chet Womach! To visit the BirdTricks website go Here!

I have bought a lot of material over the years to try and deal with some of my own parrots past behaviours and I have to say that it does not compare in any way shape or form to this system. Most of what I was doing I discovered that I was doing incorrectly to begin with and was only making my parrots behaviours worse. Now after purchasing this system over a year or so now and going through it with a fine tooth comb I have extremely happy parrots with no behavioural issues at all. The best thing is that following the techniques that Chet uses you will see results in such a short time.. that is quite amazing to say the least.

I have undoubtedly given this parrot training system my Top Editors Pick For 2009! You will not find another parrot training system out their that even comes close to what this can do, believe me when I tell you this...I have tried them all, it is well worth the investment and you will have happier and well adjusted birds because of it. Check them out right away because word has it the price is going up soon!


  • Highest Quality DVD Course On The Market
  • Most Value For Money

Product Website Rating Results Received Price
Parrot Training Course www.eliteparrotsclub.com 4.5 Stars results  On Sale Now

Elite Parrots Club Review

This is a great membership site to join and has a wealth of information available. Not only do you get a lifetime membership when you join, you also get a full 1 years email consulting with the "Mississippi Bird Lady" herself ! How kewl is that.

There are a ton of great videos available that were shot from her own home while training her own parrots and it's just fabulous to have them all available at any moment to view. Here's a quick glance at what your getting if you join now. Over 32 parrot training videos! You'll learn simple training commands like how to teach your parrot the 'Up' command of bird training. Over 40+ articles on many different bird topics! You can discover the Guinness record for a talking parrot, as well as 9 tips for choosing the best cage!

Special Interviews with 2 Parrot Training Experts! You can access a recorded conference call with some breakthrough strategies to stop a parrot from biting, screaming or feather plucking! Plus other bonus' upon joining.

If you ever wanted to teach your bird to talk and we all do right? You will find the "Bird Lady" speech training methods very informative and most of all it works! I have used many of her techniques and I can tell you that it works like a charm with only as little as 20 minutes a day your bird will be speaking before you know it.

 My own parrots vocabulary has increased  dramatically since I started and they continue to learn more words and phrases on an ongoing basis. The value for money is incredible and I highly recommend it.

    Visit Jamplay's Website     Jamplay Sale!   

  • Largest Video Lesson Course On The Web!
  • New Material Added Regularly

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Product Website Rating Results Received Price
E-books www.parrotsecrets.com 3 Stars results  On Sale Now

Parrot Secrets Review

This product is a little different than the other 2 outlined above due to it being a compilation of ebooks. Don't get me wrong...ebooks are a great source of information and I have tons to say the least, I just prefer a video or dvd than a book. That being said, the books you receive when you purchase from this site are extremely well written material and very up to date.

 You get a total of 5 books if you include the bonus, as well as a membership in their ever growing members forum. I have bought alot of parrot ebooks over the years most of which was old re-hashed material that I found wasn't very helpful at all. With these books you will learn a ton of information and be able to put it to use right away. Go here to order them them now!

    Visit Jamplay's Website     Jamplay Sale!   

  • Largest e-book offer on parrots
  • Good Information

Parrot Reviews Summary 

Our Editor's Choices: Chet Womach's Parrot Training System is our top choice overall, as well as the best DVD Parrot Course on the market to date. We have never seen such a comprehensive parrot lesson package anywhere before. This system is like having your own personal parrot trainer right in your own home, you simply will not find a better solution than purchasing this course. Go here now to purchase this amazing dvd collection right now!

The Elite Parrot's Membership Site on the other hand, came out on top in our low-cost category as well as our best online parrot video lessons category. It is worth every penny when you join this site and you will have access to some high quality videos as well as a full year of email consultation with the very popular "Mississippi Bird Lady"

Act now before she increases the price because I know for a fact you won't get access at this price for too much longer. Go Here to Join the site and get instant access!

For Best downloadable ebooks you have none other than "Parrot Secrets" The books have up to date material and are very easy to follow. If you are a fan of ebooks these will come in mighty handy, and don't forget they have a growing members only area as well. Go here to purchase.


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